National Collection Agency is a fully-staffed organization which includes an in-house attorney. A solid collection staff is the backbone of any agency - NCA employs highly-experienced and professionally trained collectors who are among the best in the business. Each collector has more than 30 years experience in the field and an average tenure with NCA of over fifteen years.

Legal Staff

National Collection Agency has the distinct advantage of an in-house attorney and legal staff. NCA does not hesitate to file suit when it is appropriate. Lawsuits, however, are not filed without the express consent of our clients. National's attorney has been associated with NCA for 20 years and the legal support staff has an average of 20 years tenure.


National Collection Agency has a commitment to the ethical and professional standards of business set forth by the American Collectors Association Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. As a member of the world's largest organization of accounts receivable management companies, National Collection Agency believes in being considerate and polite, but firm and demanding in the collection of debts. Our professional collection staff and attorney are well versed in all Federal and State Debt Collections laws and believe in fully abiding by the law.

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